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I want an iPad

I want an iPad I currently have a blackberry phone, the Tour model, which I love. I get all my emails (3 accounts including work), can browse the internet, play games, load my music and listen to it, plus keep … Continue reading

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Kids doing Scarface

There is a video out there going viral, of elementary kids doing a play of the movie Scarface. In this clip they substitue pupcorn for the cocaine, and the word “fudge” for the f-bomb. I didn’t think it was funny … Continue reading

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This made NASA look up

pictures from a balloon, and how to make your own, pretty amazing.

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Be Careful out there people!

Sounds like there are some really pissed-off people out there over the passing of the Healthcare Reform. Threats are being tossed to the children of some the Democrat who voted yest. Bricks are being tossed through windows of Democrat state … Continue reading

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Strange and/or funny news

Is She classified as a Screamer? Hmm, here’s a good example for the kids! Does this qualify him as Man of the Year? `Colonel’ not OK for Ark. ballot, but `Porky’ is No more dropouts or Truancy

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By Slim Margin, Americans Support Healthcare Bill’s Passage

Click here for the Gallup Poll results Is this becoming the moral majority?

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Condensed content of the HCR bill

in case you can’t find a link, this provides a good condensed version

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