Rainy Friday


A rainy day today. In fact its been raining all week and predicted to continue at least through next tuesday, but no problem, rain is always needed in Texas. The aquifer will fill up, we’ll have no restrictions in July and August when the hot sun beats down for 100 degree days and dries everything up. Hopefully no drought this summer.

I did declare a new Mother Nature proclamation though. It only rains Monday – Thursday from 2AM to 5AM. We’ll see what kind of pull I have (none).

For the past 6 months or so I’ve had this problem with my computer email client loosing its default settings and not allowing email to work. I finally got tired of having to re-install or repair the client every month so today I installed a different client to use, which is too bad, I really liked the outlook 2007 client I was using. I could always use the web interface, its not as friendly as the client pieces. Easier to set up junk mail filters and mail handling rules with a client piece.

So, what’s happened in the world today:

Ex-Blackwater president faces weapons charges

U.S. charges Goldman with subprime fraud

Tea Party, Hannity & Beck: Who left the fringe door open? –  Roy is a columnist/blogger at our local paper, he is hysterical to read.

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