FakeCoachPop Twitterview from today.


This is a twitter account, I don’t know if he is real or not, but the guy is pretty funny. He had a twitter interview today, this is a copy of the questions submitted and his answers. (answers first, question after the RT name). Best to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

If you care to see all his tweets or follow him @FakeCoachPop.


  1.   Press Conference Over. You Pansy Asses better bring it tomorrow night. None of this arrive late crap. 
  2. Score more than they do. RT @rboerger: What do we have to do to close this out Thursday? 
  3. If you count shoot-around playing, then yes. RT @LarHernandez: Please don’t tell me Roger Mason is gonna play tomorrow…that guy sucks. 
  4. Sadly, yes RT @PeterBurnsRadio: I said that I would quit my show on @Ticket760 if Spurs lose series. Am I safe? 
  5.   Cuban a sore loser. Pouts like a damn 4 year old in timeout RT @robbief3: What’s Cuban giving you after you beat him again in the playoffs? 
  6.   Aren’t they all female fans in a sense? RT @mojavi74: What do you call a female Mavs fan?
  7.   Same place as Michael Finley. Gone RT @mrxsports: Where is the playoff beard? 
  8. Back off tramp, he’s married RT @simmonslover: Can you tell Bonner he needs to play better? I’m tired of crushing on someone who sucks. 
  9.   BMW. No other choices RT @acuralegend: Do u have a doppleganger? I swear I saw you in an Impala on 281 last night. 
  10.   I refuse to spend a dime in that city RT @JCR_210: You ever get hassled while out to dinner in Dallas? Any favorite spots? 
  11.   Guy plays good in Dallas. Wait till the fans get a hold of him Thursday night RT @rboerger: What the hell got into Butler last night? 
  12.   Tiger Woods Sunday Red RT @feeps: Manu going to go back to the white bandage, instead of the flesh-colored one, for Game 6? 
  13.   Only to pick up something I left at the hotel RT @stephenrgray: Have you booked your flight to Dallas for Game 7? 
  14.   I kindly conserve water for that city. I’m an environmentalist RT @willisthefool: Why don’t u have to flush in Dallas? 
  15.   I guarantee I’ll take a crap tomorrow RT @stephenrgray: Jason Terry guaranteed Game 6 victory. Your comment? 
  16.   False sense of security RT @cacoy: Wise to help Dallas with their self esteem by having Spurs play at half speed as Sean Elliot said? 
  17.   Absinthe was drink of choice on the plane RT @t0eknee: How badly did you want a glass of wine last night? 
  18.   No, but banned Tim from his Playstation 3 for 2 weeks RT @cacoy: Did you make anyone walk home? 
  19.   I played Mason, that should tell you something RT @charlesgonzalez: Some fans say loss is no big deal, they’ll win at home. Right attitude? 
  20.   Subtraction by Sucking? Good theory RT @24writer: I think just by putting Mason on the floor makes our other players loose their talent.
  21.   No Comment RT @JCR_210: Did ya’ll tank last night just to get some additional money off of another home game in this series?   
  22.   Stern’s Memo said we had to go 6 games RT @willisthefool: Why do y’all always have awesome performances than show up flat the next game? 
  23.   Kolaches and Brunettes RT @paulvaughnmac: How do the Spurs stop both Dirk and Caron Butler? 
  24. Why is no one bleeding. RT @paulvaughnmac: What did you say to DeJuan after he picked up a quick four fouls? 
  25.   A Shitzu RT @mojavi74: What kind of dog would you say MoneyMase is? 
  26.   He’s from the Virgin Islands. Records are shady. He’s actually 46. RT @FCBaritone: What’s going on with Timmy? 
  27.   We make a ton of $ for each home game. Fix was in RT @Johnisdonefor: Gonna ask the obvious, wtf happened last night?
  28. No. I hear that Najera has a tramp stamp RT @GolfLogsdon: Does richard jefferson have the worst tattoo in the nba?   
  29. It’s Dallas. What else do you expect from that city? RT @GolfLogsdon: What do you think about teams down 3-1 that trash talk? douchy?
  30.   He’d come up missing in the off-season. Hoffa-ish RT @ultimatejeri: Had Dirk broken your nose, how would you have reacted? 
  31.   Would have played Blair more if NBA allowed 9 fouls RT @ultimatejeri: Dejuan is pretty good. Why not play him over that guy who shoots 3’s?  
  32. They are the Neapolitan of Suckage RT @febflores: Why didnt you pack the First squad to the game? I mean why only bring Ian, Mason & Bonner? 
  33.   Yes. I plan to win. Game 5 was playing with the House’s money RT @russbengtson: Do you plan on making any major adjustments for Game Six?
  34.   Twitter Press Conference at 1:30. Get your damn questions in now.
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