Texas Gov. Perry – Oil spill may be ‘act of God’


Texas Gov. Rick Perry Monday offered a stern warning against halting oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of a massive oil leak, and he raised the question of whether the explosion was an “act of God.”


Really? An ‘act of God’
Hurricanes are an act of God.
Tornadoes are an act of God.
Floods from too much rain, droughts from lack of rain are acts of God.

The Legal Dictionary puts Act of God as this:

act of God n. a natural catastrophe which no one can prevent such as an earthquake, a tidal wave, a volcanic eruption, or a tornado. Acts of God are significant for two reasons: 1) for the havoc and damage they wreak, and 2) because often contracts state that “acts of God” are an excuse for delay or failure to fulfill a commitment or to complete a construction project. Many insurance policies exempt coverage for damage caused by acts of God, which is one time an insurance company gets religion. At times disputes arise as to whether a violent storm or other disaster was an act of God (and therefore exempt from a claim) or a foreseeable natural event. God knows the answer!


 Merriam-Webster Dictionary says:

Main Entry: act of God Date: 1783 : an extraordinary interruption by a natural cause (as a flood or earthquake) of the usual course of events that experience, prescience, or care cannot reasonably foresee or prevent


Texas Governer Candidate Bill White has this to say:

“It is important that we know both the causes and means to prevent this kind of disaster as quickly as possible,” White said. “We cannot afford an energy policy that is based on either wishful thinking or irrational fear. Claims by those in public office or the industry that somehow this tragedy was unavoidable or some ‘act of God’ are not helpful to reasoned discussion.”

and has offered his own analysis with explanation of what occured.
I think Gov. Perry needs to read it.

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