As of today, over 1,000 sons and daughters of America are dead


As of today in Afghanistan, May 18, 2010 over 1,000 kids, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, killed, and we are no closer to finding bin Laden then we were 9 years ago.

All this war has really accomplished is to severely polarize American politics, cause distrust for Americans of Muslim/Islamic faith, and bring dissension into everyday life of family and friends. 

Wars are a no win situation.

In the end all you have left are the dead bodies of kids, especially in a war with no face, as this one is.We should never have a war. Let the leaders who want to fight get into the UFC ring and last man standing is declared the winner. 

I recommend watching the Tommy Lee Jones movie “In the Valley of Elah“. Even those experienced with war have no concept of what goes on with each person involved.

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