the Chevy Volt


Chevy, or Chevrolet as they prefer to be called, is in the process of serious testing their electric car Volt, and blogging about it. Car is scheduled to begin sales next year for the 2012 model.
I am very interested in this car, and would put this as my #1 pick for my next new car purchase next year if all goes well, and they can keep the price down.
For my needs, driving 30 miles round trip to work and back I would never use the gas, and anticipated cost for re-charging is $20 a month (or so I’ve heard, will need to keep a watch on that also). The best is the fact if you do exceed the charge there is a little gas engine which charges the electrical engine while you drive, which is said to get anywhere from 100 to 230 MPG, depending on how long you use it. Either way, I like this concept, and will give it serious consideration when it comes out.

Chevrolet Volt blog

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