I can’t wait to see this car


For several years now I’ve held the opinion the US needs to get away from crude oil dependency for cars. I started getting my hopes up when I read California was starting a trial test with hydrogen vehicles along their coastline. Spain and some European countries were doing the same. This all came about from the high gas prices generated about 3 years ago, but with the gas prices dropping down all talk of hydrogen vehicles seems to have stopped.

Toyota continued with its hybrid Prius, a combination electrical and gasoline powered car but it still uses gasoline. Honda and Nissan followed its lead and developed their own hybrids, along with Ford.

Chevrolet has come up with its model electric car, which I can’t wait to see and test drive. I think this would be the car to help the US cut back on their daily use of gasoline. They’ve finished testing the car in Yuma AZ for heat and dust, it seems to have come through very well.

The car should be hitting the markets in about a year. Remember the name Chevrolet Volt, this is what I’m waiting for.

Read more about here.

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3 Responses to I can’t wait to see this car

  1. Cami says:

    Ok yall talk about how we need to buy these electric cars. Ok fine Ill buy that comment for a tad bit. However, the last time I checked 90% of those kinds of cars are small. What about the people who have families? Are we suppose to take two cars on trips? They don’t make too many of those kinds of vehicles for larger families. Plus the cost of them are extremely high? How to people on the lower end of the income scale suppose to afford one of these electric/hybrid cars? Just askin?

  2. ckelpin says:

    The Volt is said to handle 5 adults, but I agree with you on the majority are small cars. Most handle 4 adults but I pity the 2 in the back seat. As the need is known, the technology will be developed for larger vehicles. Currently only the small cars for people driving around town is the need, since city driving generaly has higher gas usage. I don’t think I would take the Volt on a trip to Louisiana or Minnesota, I’d even be a little leery of going to Houston in it if only due to the distance, but eventually, say 10-15 years down the road technology will be improved to handle the larger sized vehicles.
    Look at it this way, your oldest is almost out on his own, your second is around for just a couple more years, and your last 2 will easily fit in the back seat!

  3. Cami says:

    LOL! I don’t think the boys would like it if I brought out a big calender and marked the days till they were out of the house. LOL!

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