A Poem


Conservative People – by Frances Duggan

Conservative in their ways and in their thinking they do not embrace change in any way
They fear change as a threat to their existence as conservative through their lives they do stay
They resist change as if change is quite harmful as things were they wish them to remain
Their flawed values of rank and class distinction are things that they do fight hard to retain
Conservative people change not known to welcome on any change they like to have their say
They crave respect for their old ways of thinking whilst respect to those who want change they don’t pay
No thanks to them that changes are occuring since they want to keep us tied to the past
They cannot accept that time brings with it changes that nothing as it was does seem to last,
Conservative people always in abundance their type never have been known to be rare
They live in Villages, Towns and in Cities you can meet their kind of person anywhere
To them change is something that should be resisted to the old ways with reverence they do cling
They fear change as much as they do fear the reaper as if indeed change were a dangerous thing
Suppose it takes all kinds to make up humanity and conservative people will always fight change
They look on people who to them are different as those who are untrustworthy and strange.
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2 Responses to A Poem

  1. This is interesting.

    Do things change? Technology does but I am not sure that People in general have changed. I think Conservatives view everything thru human glasses. In other words, Humanity does not change although the world progresses.

    conservatives with a small ‘c’ remind me that some things have a ‘natural order’ to them and that this is unchanging regardless of how the world moves itself forward: birth, death, life, love, hate, friends, and enemies to name just a few.

    • Carol says:

      the very definition of conservative is to hold back, to be resistant to change, to keep with the “traditional”.
      Things change, times change, habits change, people change. Look at the last 50 years, or of changes occuring during your lifetime(whether from laws, technology, or use of good-sense) and how you have changed through life with it. People in general find if it makes life better they change to accept it and use it. Some people refuse to change because they don’t understand the concept or technology, or “they’ve always done it this way why change now” mentality.
      Most people will look at the whole picture to understand the concept and determine if it’s good or not. Some people focus on a single item in the picture and let that single item rule their decision.

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