Getting closer to the Jetsons


Are you familiar with Twitter? I use Twitter a lot, it where I get the inklings of breaking news, funny stories, and just general information that I’m interested in. It is a social networking micro-blogging idea thats been around several years now. Getting an account is free, and works from your web browswer. There are also several API’s compatible with various cell phones (you want to make sure your plan will fit with the data).

Twitter is getting so popular even the cars are becoming social and getting twitter accounts! They’ll be posting info like stalled in traffic on route xx mile marker yy. Or there is no traffic at xx. Or its raining now.

Information of the car location and status will be pulled from various sensors and then “tweeted” out. Other cars listening (or people for that matter) can then make adjustments as appropriate.

You can read about it here.

With that and the University of Arizona tests of cars self-driving we are getting closer each day to being in the work of the Jetsons.

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