The Human World Wobbling Out of Balance


Blatently stolen from a posted opinion comment in our local newspaper by Anonymous:

The human world is wobbling wildly out of balance. Everywhere you look – from the halls of Congress to the deserts of the Middle East – institutions and societies are driven by discord. And these seemingly unresolvable conflicts roiling our planet – political, religious, economic, tribal, ideological – are everywhere fueled by extremism. The extremists come in many guises, from religious fanatics of the Abrahamic faiths, to bigots and dictators of the political right, to militant Marxists and neo-fascists of the “politically correct” left, but they all share the same tendencies: intolerance of other viewpoints, reluctance to practice moderation, and refusal to recognize the essential worthiness and sacred value of other human beings. Ironically, the clashes fostered by extremism are growing in number and intensity even as the forces of globalization bring us all closer together.

I cannot find if this is a quote from another source – either way, well said.

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