Palin and Homer, DOH!


I’m sure that you’ve heard of the Palin’s interview in Homer by now. Else you can see the video in the link below.

I was really interested in her when she was brought in as the VP candidate with McCain, but after listening to her interviews, speeches, and inability to answer a question off the cuff I had to vote for a different party. The risk of McCain not making it through his term due to his age and cancer history, and her taking over as President, well, that was something I just could not fathom!

from the blogger of the video and the story of what really happened.

You should have picked someone else McCain, you may be the President now if you had.

I had also hoped Palin would just fade away into Alaska when they lost the election, but she’s decided she likes the limelight and being a celebrity, even leaving her Governorship half-way through her term for it.
Good thing, else we wouldn’t have much to point at and laugh about.

For more laughter, a little skit by a couple of school girls.

Stupidity is not restricted to the Tea Party Movement people, the Republicans, or those no longer in office but wishing to be. Rangel and his problem is quickly becoming the laughing-stock for the Democrats.

David Letterman needs to get both these people on his show for his Stupid People Tricks schtick!

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