Speaking of Dan Quayle! Meet Ben!


I hear Dan Quayle’s number 2 son is running for Congress in Arizona, as a Conservative Republican. (BTW – have you noticed how every republican person running for a new office is labeled a conservative? I don’t see the new democrats running as progressive liberals. Just saying…) 

Ben Quayle is calling out President Obama, wants to kick his a$$! The kid may sound tougher than the old man, but can he spell “potato”? We’ll have to wait and see.

He’s starting out on the wrong foot though. He uses his nieces in his campaign ad which gives the indication they are his daughters. He doesn’t explain the relationship until he is called about it, then he takes offense at the question.

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2 Responses to Speaking of Dan Quayle! Meet Ben!

  1. And if you are watching he is just the last of a number of sons and grandsons of those seventies and eighties politicians to try out this year! We had Nixon’s grandson with Chris Cox and Jason Carter grandson of Jimmy earlier on. I have a blog following these scions of the ruling oligarchy complete with family trees. It also has a copy of Dan Quayle mucking up potato on camera as light relief.


  2. Dale says:


    I fear you do not know how to spell. Do you have Larchmont jaw?

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