Political Noise on Religion


I find it hard to grasp the logic of those who say a mosque should not be allowed near the site of ground zero in lower Manhattan. It is unfortunate that most news tends to focus on extremes and sensationalism, otherwise, people might know more about the vast majority of Muslims worldwide who are not terrorists.

We cannot allow a few extremists who twist and take their holy texts out of context to scare us into giving up one of our nation’s most sacred principles. Christianity’s religious and political leaders have often done the same to spur and justify attacks that led to the slaughter of innocent civilians and children — the crusades for starters, the bombing of abortion clinics as another.

If we extend the logic of U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth, D-Ind., who said, “It’s an insult, I think, to the people who lost lives there,” then Christians shouldn’t build churches near the sites of these medieval slaughters, i.e., Jerusalem. If we stop the building of this mosque, the extremists win.

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