Ahh, the Clowns in Congress


Congress invited comedienne Stephen Colbert to provide his expert testimony on the plight of immigrant farm workers. They obviously got more than they bargained for, and some are upset!

Come on Congress, just what did you think was going to happen? He makes his living telling jokes about politics, Congress, and the Democratic incumbents. That is you! Did any of you or your Congressional staff think for one minute he was actually an expert on immigrant farming? Or on immigration in general? That he would speak up as a benefactor of immigrant workers? That he is an expert on anything?

Are Americans so enthralled with celebrity-ism that even Congress invites them to attend and speak of their expertise on a subject not dealing with themselves? A celebrity with a cause does not bring attention to himself for it. A celebrity does whatever it takes to stay in the limelight. A comedienne tell jokes, and that is basically what Stephen did, making a laughing-stock of each and every person in that room. Some points came across as serious, but any serious intentions were lost to the attending Congressional leaders because:
 a) they really weren’t paying attention to what was being said,
 b) they only wanted to see a celebrity;
 c) looked like a few of them didn’t know what was really going on.

Really people, get with it. Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, does not care.

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1 Response to Ahh, the Clowns in Congress

  1. Dale says:

    The invitation came from a Democratically-controlled committee. They have been successful using other celebrities in garnering attention and thought they could do the same here. They failed.

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