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Really, is your personal life any of our business?

  Arkansas School Board member Clint McCance will be resigning his job for remarks he made on Facebook about gays and lesbians. I don’t understand how stupid and judgemental some people are. No, change that to just judgemental, stupid doesn’t come into … Continue reading

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I’m Just Like You….

  Miranda Lambert’s latest song. I didn’t care for it the first time I heard it, but it grows on you after a while, especially when constantly blasted over the airwaves.

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a Texas School Priority

  I saw this article and frankly was pretty flabbergasted. I have no words to say other than do what is recommended at the end of the article. Cheerleader kicked off squad for refusing to cheer for her rapist on … Continue reading

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Where does the time fly to?

  A quick update on what’s been going on since I haven’t updated this blog in a couple of weeks. Have been very busy with work all of a sudden. We went through a major re-org and I’ve been added … Continue reading

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