Really, is your personal life any of our business?


Arkansas School Board member Clint McCance will be resigning his job for remarks he made on Facebook about gays and lesbians.

I don’t understand how stupid and judgemental some people are. No, change that to just judgemental, stupid doesn’t come into this equation. Maybe some jealousy, and toss in some fear, ’cause people are always afraid of things different from their normal life, but stupid people, well, they’re just stupid and should be ignored.

Some say being gay is a choice, like robbing a bank, taking drugs, or moving across town. Did you ever do that, decide to move, or rob a bank, or be gay? I know I’ve made lots of choices in my life, some after much deliberation and thought, others with a flip of a coin. I don’t believe I ever gave any thought to my sexual preference, I just knew what I was, same as I’m sure gays know they are gay.

Being gay is not a choice, it’s a gene passed on through the generations, much like being born extra-tall, or very petite, or with blue eyes, or a big nose. I think the only choice on being gay is when to tell your parents. 

And, I’m pretty sure if there is a Heaven and God is meeting people at the gates, he’s not too concerned with their sexual preference, especially since he supposedly made them in his image, the same as you and I. They’re still people, living with what they’ve been given to deal with this time around in this world.

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