My thoughts on this week


DADT – a definite discrimination and should be repealed. I’d feel just as safe with a gay or lesbian in the military. I think I heard someplace (don’t quote me on this), up to 7% of the current force is gay and I’ve not heard of any gay or lesbian person accused of sexual assault on a fellow military person but lots of stories of straight guys attacking and raping women soldiers.

WikiLeaks – Assange should be charged with Treason. What he is posting is stolen information and could cause harm to the United States over a period of time. The people providing him with this “information” should also be charged. There is a fine line between government transparency and providing secret privileged information to the general public. Assange crossed the line.

The breakup/divorce of celebrities is NOT BREAKING NEWS! Stopping the presses and breaking in on tv shows to announce Tony Park and Eva Longoria are getting divorced does not justify the attention it is getting. Same with Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Kate Gosselin, and any number of D, C, B, A-Rated celebrities. That is entertainment news, not breaking-headline news.

The next person to say my 17 1/2 yr old should be put down because he is old will be slapped upside the head. Frankie dog is not in any pain. He walks and jumps around at times like a puppy. He can’t see out of one eye, is 3/4 blind in the other, and stone deaf but that is all. My husband has 10 times the pain my dog has and no one suggests he be put down.

Sounds like Obama is getting a lot of static for visiting the troops in Afghanistan today. I had high hopes for Obama when he became President, but he is so busy fighting everybody about everything he doesn’t have a chance. His own party harasses him and says they will go against him if he works with the Republicans. He won’t be around after 2012 but not because he is a bad President. I think history will find he tried to do a lot of good for the United States, but due to constant in-fighting in the Senate and Congress he didn’t have a chance.

There are a lot of people driving on the roads who should not be allowed to drive. I suggest we start re-testing everyone every 2 years, and every year after the age of 60. You need to pass a 100-question written test and a 30 mile driving test that includes driving through school zones, interstates, and two-lane highways.

Bicyclists have no business riding bikes on the streets with no shoulders.

That covers it for now, more later on.

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3 Responses to My thoughts on this week

  1. Dale says:

    1. Assange is Australian, not a US citizen, ergo he cannot be charged with treason.
    2. Assange did not sell or provide this information to a foreign government ergo he is not a spy.
    3. Assange may be guilty of a law that says one cannot possess US secrets but there are three problems with that:
    a) Assange was given the secret information by person or persons unknown. He did not steal it.
    b) Secrets are held by newspaper journalists all the time and one cannot distinguish between the NYT reporters who are given secret information to be leaked by the US government ( Like Scooter Libby did with Valerie Plame) and Assange’s publication of same.
    c) Assange offered the State Department an opportunity to redact the cables and they refused. So Assange asked foreign journalists to redact damaging names/ events/ and dates. Of the 250,000 cables in his possession, he has only released ~1,300 of them on his website and many of them are redacted.

    The US government is trying everything they can legally do to prosecute Assange for a US crime BUT some countries may not want to extradite him to the US. Assange fears that he may be declared an enemy combatant and then kidnapped and sent to a US secret prison. So he bundled a bunch of files and gave the web address to journalists. The website is password protected and if Assange disappears or is killed, the password will be sent to all journalists to begin downloading the information.

    The rape charges against Assange may be valid and he will likely be deported if the UK agrees with the Swedish charges. However, the charges are odd. Without using a gun or knife or threats, Assange is accused of holding a woman’s hands over her head and using his body to hold her down while having sex.In addition, he did not use a condom which is, apparently, a crime in Sweden. A second woman said that Assange had sex with her without a condom while she was sleeping. These are not my definitions of rape as I think of forcible rape but these are the charges against him.
    If the ladies told him ‘No’ then he should have stopped. He is a grown man and not some 19 year old college jock. I don’t know of any more details surrounding the attacks.
    This is a difficult issue for the US to deal with. What they want to know is what is the link between Bradley Manning and Assange. Both of them say there is none, but the snitcher ( I forget) who reported Manning says that there was a go between. If so, and if Assange in any way encouraged Manning to steal the information then there are conspiracy charges that can come forward.
    Complicated, but it points out that in today’s world, one cannot keep secrets from everyone, and if one person knows, then it is likely that others will know eventually.

    • Dale says:

      Here is the latest that I posted on my website:

      “The first 220[2] of the 251,287 documents were published on 28 November, with simultaneous press coverage from El País (Spain), Le Monde (France), Der Spiegel (Germany), The Guardian (United Kingdom), and The New York Times (United States).[3][4] Over 130,000 of the documents are unclassified, some 100,000 are labeled “confidential”, about 15,000 documents have the higher classification “secret”, and none are classified as “top secret” on the classification scale.[3][5] As of 16 December 2010, 1,532 individual cables had been released.[6] WikiLeaks plans to release all the cables in phases over several months at a pace of about 80 cables per day.[4][7]

      Please remember that only 1, 532 cables have been released although the US government wants you to think that 250,000 cables have been distributed. They are lying because they want to manipulate into believing that there has been this HUGE problem with our country’s secrets being released to the world by Julian Assange.

      You, fellow citizen, are being trained like one of Pavolv’s dogs to respond to the whistle of the government so you can salivate even though there is no red meat in the bowl.

      And for goodness’ sakes, note that 130,000 of these documents are unclassified. UNCLASSIFIED.

      Now, it is true that the entire cache of 250,000 documents was given to 4 newspapers: Germany’s Der Spiegel, Spain’s El Pais, UK’s The Guardian, and Paris’ Le Monde. (Note: Julian Assange snubbed The New York Times and did not send them copies. However, The Guardian provided a set to The NYT. )

  2. Dale says:

    Well, well, well. The details about the rape charges were just released to the press.
    You can read them at:

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