Changes Needed in Politics


Our current politicians want to change everything.

Democrats say they are looking towards the future, Republicans want to go back in time.

The opinion below is one I agree with 100% – written By Cat-1200657

Ok, this is my take on the current group of potential candidates and our political process.

In order for Obama to be voted out of office, the Republicans MUST come up with a candidate who can get the Independent vote. This means that they have to throw off “business as usual” in pandering to the Religious Right, they have to look at both sides of the aisle for blame in our country’s messes and they have to come up with specifics on how they would change the process of governing. The majority of this country are MODERATE, not conservative OR liberal. They don’t hold views that are truly consistent with either far-fringe ideologies. They hold some conservative views and some liberal views all rolled up into one.

One of the reasons Obama was elected is that he promised CHANGE from the “business as usual” in Washington. The reasons the Tea Party candidates were elected in the mid-terms is THEY promised CHANGE from “business as usual”. When are BOTH parties going to wake up and realize that it’s time to seriously consider how business as usual has run our country into the ground? It’s time to stop DEMONIZING the other side of the aisle in political discourse and time to figure out what isn’t working.

Our Constitution was framed in a time when this country did NOT stretch “from sea to shining sea”. When there were a lot fewer people and a lot less industrialization. Women were not allowed to vote, people of color were not allowed to vote and had NO rights whatsoever. One of the framers of the Constitution (Thomas Jefferson) realized that in the course of 200 years ANY system of government becomes CORRUPT and in need of reform, if not a new Revolution. We can NOT “go back” to the original words of the Constitution without placing those words in the context of the time in which they were written. What we CAN do is to try to take those words and place them in the context of OUR time and interpret them for OUR current society. This probably means an end to a 2-party system for a while as we juggle around to see what is WORKING and what isn’t.

You can NOT reduce the deficit just by cutting spending on projects you don’t like. You can NOT reduce the deficit just by raising taxes. It’s going to take both cost reduction and income increase. This means that our government needs to take a look at where the WASTE is and trim it and also increase taxes in order to have more income than we are currently spending ANNUALLY so we can pay down our debt. ANY economist (including those in a household) will tell you that when it comes to spending you have to do a Cost Benefit Analysis. Take a look at what you’re spending and the benefits of what you’re spending it on. We also need to look at the Return On Investment for what we’re investing in. The CBA and ROI on investing in our PEOPLE (via hands to help them out) is good since we’re only as strong as our weakest citizen. The CBA and ROI in investing in our infrastructure is good since investing in our roads and safety of our citizens and country keeps the entire country safe. But “pet projects” and helping out the mega-corps needs to be seriously looked at for the CBA and ROI for our country. Yes, business is where jobs are created; but we as a society need to hold the CEOs and CFOs to a high standard. The compensation for these people needs to be CUT BACK unless they can SHOW how they are serving the entire company (meaning the people they employ and serve if it’s a service industry like Healthcare). The tax breaks for these companies need to be directly related to this standard as well.

We as a country have become GREEDY and blind to the suffering of others. This is the sign of a society in decline. If we don’t stop this trend we WILL fail as a country.


The quote above says it all for me, I wish I had written it.

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