Aw, Birthers, please get over it and go away!


Lost track of time, now to catch up!

Donald Trump is thinking of running for President. Sounds like he is running on the Birther Ticket. He shows his Birth Certificate around and says it “is inconceivable President Obama has not shown his.”


Here is Trumps Certificate and here is Obama’s. What is the difference? Both look like the same issued to my mother from Louisiana, what I have received from Minnesota, what my husband has received from Montana, and what my grandkids received from Nebraska. They all contain birth name, parents name, date, time and location of Birth, signed by attending doctor, midwife or hospital, and certified from the State issued. If born on U S soil it makes them U S citizens by birth.

Senator John McCain, who ran against Obama in 2008, was born on a Navy ship in Panama, yet he is considered a U S Citizen because the ship was classified as American soil. Same for Ambassadors in various countries, that pieced of property is American soil and all inside are given the same rights and treatments as American citizens.  

Another point: they say Obama should not be president because his father was born in Kenya, only his mother was born in the U.S.

Trump’s mother was born in Scotland, by the same thinking he does not qualify.

Just saying.

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