Where is the GOP?


I know, its early yet, but GOP are starting to throw their hats into the 2012 Presidential ring. Problem is I’m not seeing anyone worth the time.

I knew Donald Trump would not run, he does not want to give up the power he has the private sector. It was a PR stunt to say the least.

Newt Gingrich has too much baggage to make the primary, let alone pass it.

Ron Paul is too far outside the norm. Can’t say he is too right or too left, he is just too far out. Plus I think his age will get the best of him. 76 already, he’d be 78 when taking the office.

Michele Bachmann? Sarah Palin? I cannot see the GOP letting a woman take the lead. They are not ready for that just yet. The GOP will take them in as a VP candidate, not as presidential. If they throw in their bids they’ll never make it past the primary on a presidential bid.

Anyone else out there? I’m not seeing any takers, do you?

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