Hot Enough?


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When will they learn?


I can see the first one or two doing it and getting that deer-in-the-headlight look when they get caught, but after that everyone should know. What you put on the internet stays on the internet.

Rep. Weiner, apparently thought he could get away with it, but it only took a split second to hit that send button and realize “Oh Nuts! Bring it back!”.

Don’t send stuff in email, twitter, Facebook, MySpace, any social media internet based conduit that you don’t want your mother, wife, general public to see. It will always come back to haunt you.

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Detroit American Pie video


Its pretty cool how they did this. As far as I know there are no edits, just a steady stream from people of Detroit as the lip-sync the song “American Pie”.

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Memorial Day Weekend


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a little Melancholy?


One of my favorites – enjoy.

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Per the CDC, its only a matter of time until Zombie-Apocalypse!


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an official government facility, has put out their blog on Preparedness 101 for Zombie Apocalypse. 

These steps can also be applied to other types of emergencies.

Everyone should read this, it could be critical to your survival!

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Where the Jobs are


Interesting interactive graphic from WSJ on jobs and their pay.

As it generally goes, the largest jobs (jobs with most people doing them) are generally the lowest paying jobs, and vice-versa, the jobs with the least number of people employed, (like a judge) has a higher pay scale.

Supply and demand people.

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